VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol

Is just sending a normal analogue phone call with your existing handset or cordless phone, through a digital converter or router into your Broadband Internet connection, and to the normal PSTN or analogue phone of another person.

This technology bypasses the phone exchange, as it’s passing through a Broadband connection, Cable or ADSL. So it is not registered by your phone carrier as a phone call. Using this system you can now make calls extremely cheap.

  • Free VoIP to VoIP
  • As low as 8c Untimed National Calls
  • 2.8/min International calls
International calls charges can vary depending on country

There are many companies offering many different solutions, from free software to VIOP routers. Temora Computers and Upside Down Websites has been using VIOP since 2005 and has helped many businesses and homes implement this service.

Since writing this page i have swapped over to “Sip Talk” and found them to be fantastic.
VOIP - Voice Over Internet Protocol

Temora Computers uses a SPA3102 for our VIOP, that just plugs into the router and uses a Panasonic 3 hand set cordless phone system

Temora Computers could demonstrate this in your offices or home if required.