Website Design

We do websites as well, have a look at Upside Down Web Sites – specialists in the design and construction. Whatever your needs or job size, we are into producing web sites that are distinctive, personalised and forever user friendly to those who visit.

We can do logo treatments, domain registration and web hosting. It doesn’t matter if you’re not cyber confident……….we will help every step of the way.

To help put you in touch with how you’d like your new web site to look and feel, Upside Down Websites can show you a wide variety of layouts and design approaches…………….like the different Flash Headers, Slideshows, FAQ, Downloads, Contacts, Blogs, Word Press, Jquery, Content Management Systems.

Late 2010 we went into partnership with IT Integrated Business Solutions to develop some high end websites, we this partnership we have all your data base needs covered.

Real Estate Data Solutions is another new product developed in 2011 to help out the real estate industry, pop over to Real Estate Data Solutions and see what we have set up to display your properties on your company website.

There are also many examples of design choices showing layouts, header images, and side bar menus on this site. See what grabs your interest!

Functional Website Design

Whilst we can deliver flashy web animations and all the other 'bells and whistles', Which can be appealing to some. they are not always functionally suitable for every web site, web site design has to be meticulously done to carefully suit the need of the customer.

Upside Down Websites Design Philosophy

Unless such content compliments a website's overall function and usability, then the value they add to a website is quite often minimal use at best, at all time adhering to all the CSS web standards.

Our aim is to design websites that are useable for both the customer or those who visit the website. "Simple Effective Design", ease of navigation to find what the customer is looking for (If it is hard to find, the person will leave) for all websites built by Upside Down Websites.

Customer Service - First Class

Designing a fully functional website is truly a dual effort between the Client and Upside Down Websites, as the Client and the knowledge of there products and Upside Down Websites with the design skills, to the end goal of a great designed website.

A must to providing first class service is an understanding of each client's objectives & expectations in design to their website:

  • What the website is setting out to achieve
  • The features of the website required to achieve the desired functionality
  • The target audience for the products and services being promoted
  • The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - to tie it all together
Only then can we be in a position to provide maximum value to the business relationship. As such, building fully function websites to the clients needs is great importance to Upside Down Websites.